Friday, August 6, 2010

A Tourist in My Own Town

I don't often get to do the touristy things in my own city, but since I was spending the entire day with one of my students, we decided to do some of his favourite things.  Number one on his list was watch the changing of the guard.  We waited for the grenadiers to return to the armoury and were able to snap some amazing pictures.  My student had his picture taken with one of the guards, and got to hold his sword in a very tension-filled moment!  It was to his bliss, though!

We followed that with a trip to the RCMP Stables.  I'd never been before, and my student loves soldiers of all kinds!  I got some amazing pictures of him with the horses.  It was a very interesting place.  They had the landau that carries the Queen on display, and we got to watch one of the younger horses being trained. 

Sometimes you get lucky and get a great day to end a great week!

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Su said...

My kids really like the RCMP stables too, esp if they get to see the horses themselves and not just the exhibition.