Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Awesome Local Blogs

I was looking through a brochure that I picked up from a vendor at the Taste of the Valley fair on the weekend.  I found that they had a blog, and so I got on a little kick this evening to look through some local blogs.  I am so happy to share the awesome local bloggers I found.  One doesn't have to go far abroad to find great inspiration!

 Twig and Toadstool is a great crafty blog.  The bloggers post their craftiness, tutorials, and information about classes that you can attend.  I especially like the acorn jewelry post!

 Lilac Gate is a very sweet photo blog.  I love her artful eye.  I'm a big fan of local photography, and her pictures are just fantastic.  I really love her Watery Wednesday theme.

 The Knitty Gritty Homestead is a beautiful blog about wholesome country living.  Great recipes, insights, photos.  It's makes one believe that idyllic is achievable.

This is the blog that started it off: Rural Rainbow Ramblings, about Rainbow Heritage Farm.  I was looking at their brochure and considering supporting Community Supported Agriculture when I found their blog address.  I'm so impressed with their hard work.  It's a great read.

And finally, a great daily read is Ottawa Daily Foto.  I love checking out scenes from around my neighbourhood, and Angela does a great job writing about the scenes she snaps.  I'm so excited to have found this blog.

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