Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boys Club

Last weekend, I spent my Saturday with two of my favourite guys.  We had a hugely busy day, but it's always worth the exhaustion at the end of the day because we have so much fun!  I find that I learn a lot from these guys.   I learn a lot about just taking in the moments and not worrying about getting to the next activity.  We started our day with a trip to the library.  I had never before been to this library in the south end of the city, and it was fantastic.  The boys love getting books.  It never ceases to fascinate me how interested children are in reading.  I don't think any form of technology will ever replace the children's book.

We also went on bottle-cap finding excursions.  It's their newest craze.  I never thought I'd ever have a discussion about preferred types of beer with a six year old, but alas, I did.  It was also so cool to watch these guys play with the caps at the end of the day.  They let their imagination run wild, giving the caps personalities and jobs. 

One of my favourite parts of the day was the Science and Tech museum.  It's just the place for boys who love science.  I love how they absorb information.  I love watching them learn!  It just reminds me that the world really is an oyster for kids - when they open it up it becomes a treasure for their plunder!

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