Friday, October 22, 2010


Current playlist: a mix of Sara Bareilles, Vienna Teng, Michelle Featherstone, Missy Higgins and Rosie Thomas.

Current guilty pleasure: a little nap with a book and my cat when I come home from work.

Current color: grey

Current read: there's a couple: Oh My Stars, by Lorna Landvik; The Song of Hannah, by Eva Etzioni-Halevy; Disconnected Kids, by Dr. Robert Melillo; The Season of Risks, by Susan Hubbard

Current drink: Simply Orange orange juice

Current food: my own salad invention called: Kitchen Sink Salad.  It's basically a 'whatever you find that could be chopped and tossed'

Current favorite show: I'm loving the new format to the George Stroumboulopoulos show, and for drama I'm liking the new Blue Bloods.
Current wish list: sounds a little mundane, but I asked for a good pepper grinder and a salad spinner for Christmas

Current needs: a maid for my apartment

Current triumphs: the awesome progress that one of my students has made over the year that I've been with him!

Current bane of my existence: when I'm trying to read and the cat jumps on my book!  Ok, I know it's not that terrible, but when you're in a great book and someone is waving her fluffy arse in your face, it's baneful!

Current celebrity crush: Alexander Skarsgard.  I'm weak.  So weak.

Current indulgence: dark chocolate at the end of the day

Current blessing: so many... too many to count!  But today's was walking in the chilly weather with a great student
Current outfit: dark jeans from Reitmans, three-quarter length sleeve shirt from Addition-Elle, hair in pony-tail and purple fuzzy slippers on my feet
Current excitement: Haunted Walk at Coulonge Chutes tomorrow night!

Current mood: low-key

Current link: Design*Sponge

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