Monday, October 11, 2010

Five Senses

So it's been a long, long time since I've done a five senses post.  I thought it would be a good choice for a Monday evening before a short work week.

My hair feels like straw.  I'm in need of a good shampooing.  But while I was at my aunt's today, I spent some time with their Aussie Shepherd, Tucker.  He's such a sweetie, and he was cuddled up to me today and I got to pick some burrs from his fur - he's a farm dog after all.

The evening air.  I love leaving the windows open while I sleep. I like my nose to be chilled while the rest of me is tucked snugly in bed.  Hmm, getting sleepy just thinking about it!

I went to my favourite unknown antique dealer today.  He's the Pontiac's best kept secret - although he publishes his "garage sales" in the local paper's classifieds.  Today was the last time he opened for the season.  I went up yesterday too.  In both trips, I bought two little vintage pictures, some enamel-wear bowls and sauce pans, a vintage children's book about King Arthur with beautiful colour plates, and a wash basin and pitcher.  My grandmother and mother bought me my Christmas presents.  I'm pretty excited about those.  I think I'm this guy's best customer. 

The wonderful thing about big family turkey dinners is the left overs.  And my mother's cream of turkey soup.  I brought a container of it back to the city.  And we had turkey sandwiches for lunch today.  Love it.  I'm not a big fan of the big turkey dinners - it just seems like so much fuss - but I will admit the left overs are pretty stellar.

I got Sara Bareilles' new album: Kaleidoscope Heart.  Fantastic!

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