Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Locavore

I'm one of those people that like to shop locally.  I like to support local businesses.  Growing up on a dairy farm taught me to always drink local milk.  It was actually a fun little adventure when I went to the East Coast to try to drink milk from each province.  One of my favourite sayings is "support your local dairy producers" - much to the annoyance of a lot of people.

It's not easy to be a locavore.  I live in a climate that doesn't support fresh produce for half the year - and I love bananas and fresh berries year round.  I went grocery shopping today, and as I was going through the aisles, I decided to make a more conscious effort to buy Canadian, and if possible, Quebecois.  This decision started in the milk aisle.  I was staring at small jugs of milk, when I saw a new brand: Laitrie de l'Outaouais.  Usually, I buy the Quebec brands, but I thought I'd get the one even closer to home. 

There are things that I don't even quibble about: I buy Canadian meat and dairy.  I try my darnedest to buy Canadian produce.  Why am I standing on the "Buy Canadian" soapbox, you may be asking?  I realized not that long ago that many, many people do not.  American food is fun.  It's gimmicky, and it's often cheaper.  But who does it support?  It doesn't support my uncle and cousin on their dairy farm.  It doesn't support my college best friend who lives on a pig farm.  It doesn't support the many other Canadian families working hard to produce our food.

Am I going to try to be hard-core, eating only Canadian produced food?  Probably not.  But I'm going to be shopping with a more open mind.

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