Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Map of the World by Jane Hamilton

The title of this post could also be: "When Good Books Bring You Down."  I got a third of the way through this novel and had to put it down.   I was finding myself crying at the end of every chapter for Alice's hardships and the way she handles them.  She's clearly an intelligent woman tossed into terrible circumstances, but she allows her own negative self-talk to tear her apart.

So, my question is, should you read books that bring you down?  I've made the decision to stop reading this one because it's making me feel bad.  I don't think I can hang on and hope for redemption coming towards the end, like I'm sure it will.  Maybe it's a personal preference.  When I read, I want to read something that makes me happy and takes me out of my daily life.  Maybe Alice's negative self-talk, and the dairy farm setting, are hitting a little close to home and I'd rather just not read it. 

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