Friday, October 29, 2010

A Song for Nettie Johnson by Gloria Sawai

When I started reading this, a lot of the stories sounded familiar.  I'm not sure where I had read them before - perhaps in a class or in another anthology of short stories.  And I also found that I read these stories with more of an academic eye than a casual reader's.  There is much that these stories have to offer someone who is interested in reading about Canada's voices.

Now that this book is back on the shelf, I've read a total of 75 books so far this year.  A friend of mine is also recording how many books she's reading, and her goal for the year is 100 books.  I'd love to be able to make that mark as well, but 25 books in two months is a goal much loftier than possible for me!  But, I know that I have read more this year than last, and I think that's a great accomplishment in itself!  

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