Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Creative Project? ... and My 500th Post!!

I'm ready to start a new painting project, but I'm unsure which picture I should do from the two below.  Both pictures were taken by me over the last year, and I've had them developed.  I'm also thinking about making this project in soft pastel.  So... opinions?

And I can hardly believe that when I hit the "publish" button, this will be my 500th post.  This blog is about three years old, but it's only been in the last year and a bit that I've become a much more dedicated blogger.  I love being able to post paintings in progress, share my readings, share my photography, share my world with the world.  It hasn't always been sunshine and roses, but it seems like it's more often than not!


Jen said...

Do the one with the barn on the it!!!

Feminist Farmer's Wife said...

The barn, the barn, the barn. What a beautiful story...I want to go there!