Sunday, November 14, 2010

Antique Saturday

Yesterday on my trip to get my picture framed, we also stopped at the antique shop my brother and I have always wanted to check out.  I, of course, go straight for the jewelry case.  I found the sweetest little sewing needle case - below on the left.  The illustration of the angels is raised in certain areas, such as in the flower bouquets.  I just love it.  And the needles inside the case are the tiniest things I've ever seen!!

The picture was something my brother found, and he knows I've just started to collect these.  I don't think the background is the original to the silhouette, but it's still really lovely.  The glass is curved, and I was pretty excited to find another one of these at a decent price!

This is the back and inside of the sewing case.  Inside the little black envelope are the tiniest needles known to mankind.

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