Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Shopping Sibling Style

This weekend, my brother and I did some Christmas shopping around Ottawa.  We had a crazy full day.  I mean, we started out around 11am, and we got back into Shawville at about 10:30pm.  I think we went over the entire city.  The thing about our adventures together is we always check out crazy things in the city.  This time, we went to a vintage clothing store called 'Ragtime.'  I got gifts for two of my students, and my brother - he picked it out and I tried to get it while he wasn't watching, but he knew I grabbed it.  He wanted a cool Beatles tin lunch box.  I'm going to fill it up with fun stuff for him.  We capped off the day with dinner at East Side Mario's, and he kept saying over and over again what a great day he had.  My ear rang for a few hours after I dropped him off at home - he is a non-stop chatterer - but it was worthwhile for such a great day.

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