Monday, November 15, 2010

Strathcona Park

You know, in the world of a seven year old, some things are just WAY spooky.  To one of my students, trap doors are just the scariest thing - right next to bat caves.  But, trap doors are scary in a cool way.  So today we went on a treasure hunt to find a trap door at Strathcona Park.  

It's all boarded up, and you can't get too close, but don't cha want to know what's in there??  We climbed all around it, and thought interesting thoughts.  Then we decided to chase some squirrels and climb some trees.  Deep thinking can only go on for so long.

We were both just mesmerized by this guy!  Under his cape was full Scottish Highlander regalia.  It was so weird, but so cool.  And this lad just marched around the park, checked out the ducks, made a circle around the ruins like a spooky druid, and then went off on his merry way.  Some things you can only find in Sandy Hill.

And finally, the squirrels.  These guys are fearless, and I swear they're bigger than my cat.  They are going to winter so well this year, that's a fact.  And they were stuffing their chubby little faces as fast as they could, too.  It really was a perfect day.

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