Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My kitchen table currently looks like a tornado went through a bead shop and deposited it all into a heap.  I have all these bits and bobs, and odds and ends... things that have been collecting for years.  Anyways, my mother has been pestering me for some jewelry for a long, long time.  I mean, I've already made her more necklaces that I've ever made for myself.  Alas, alack, I'm in the middle of stringing some beads together for Christmas.  As always, it takes a while to get motivated, but once I'm going it's hard to stop!  I think she's going to like what I've come up with for her.  And I might have to steal them a time or two ;)

1 comment:

sarah said...

Oh what great treasures!!! I'd love to dive into that box of goodies.

You'll have to post whatever you make for your mom.

Merry Christmas.