Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Simple Abundance for November

The past month of Simple Abundance entries read like a mish-mash of wisdom.  November seems to be about consolidating all the information from previous months and voila - you're an authentic woman!  You know, I've actually become very tired of these entries.  It's not as if she's promising that "if you just follow these ideas, you'll be a wonderfully fulfilled woman," but I do think the author is a little blind to all makes and models of women.  Some of us don't fit the archetype for whom these essays were crafted.  And although it's taken me all the way to November to realize it - I'm just not that woman.  Maybe it will take me until next November to figure out just what kind of woman I am.  Or I may even decide that this kind of definition isn't important after all.  I'm betting on the latter.

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