Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Current playlist: a little bit of Jason Aldean's new cd and the Country Strong soundtrack

Current guilty pleasure: dark chocolate and coffee

Current color: sunshine yellow

Current read: Audrey Niffeneggar's 'Her Fearful Symmetry' and Lolly Winston's 'Good Grief'

Current drink: water with a slice of lemon

Current food: Pasta with tomato sauce

Current favorite show: Republic of Doyle... starting back tonight!

Current wish list: anything from Wallack's Art Supply.  I have a gift card that's itching to be spent!

Current needs: a mechanic for my car

Current triumphs: my first professionally framed painting

Current bane of my existence: the pile of dishes in the kitchen

Current celebrity crush: Jason Aldean

Current indulgence: lavender scented bath products

Current blessing: coffee dates with girl friends

Current outfit: dark jeans from Reitman's, green polka-dotted shirt from Ricki's, Celtic knot locket from etsy that was a great birthday present

Current excitement: upcoming day in Picton for a friend's birthday

Current mood: cranky... I'm just hiding it well

Current link: Etsy... it's like crack.

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