Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Return of the Locavore

This afternoon I picked up a basket of food from a local coop project that's near my mother's workplace.  It's called the Ottawa Good Food Box Club, and I'm really excited to be participating.  The boxes vary in sizes based on price and are delivered (or picked up) once a month.  My ten dollar box is good for a small household, but it was filled with great stuff:

-an enormous cabbage
-a huge head of green leaf lettuce
-a bag of carrots
-a bunch of bananas
-green pepper
-sugar snap peas
-and a lone Asian pear

I was shocked when I picked up the box and saw how heavy it was!  It's nice to have found a place that I can go to for winter produce, since I plan on buying even closer to home come summertime. Most of the foods in this box were local, but it's pretty hard to call an Asian pear or kiwis a local feature!   I don't think small projects like this get quite enough support, and I'm looking forward to sharing my excitement with friends.

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Su said...

Fabulous! Looks like they have a drop off site close-ish to where I live! I'm going to look into it