Friday, March 4, 2011

Just for Fun

Image from dreaming

The Matchbook Magazine Questionnaire... Just for Fun... Although I do so wish that someday they'll be interviewing me for some reason or another!

Tea or Coffee? Coffee, two cream

I collect... Oh God... everything? Can that be an answer?  Ok, here are several of the obsessions: vintage handbags, brooches, floral tins, books, silhouette paintings on convex glass, vintage paintings of English cottages, handkerchiefs, locally made bath and body products... I swear there's probably more, too!

Favourite City? I loved Charlottetown as far as cities go, but I'm more of a small town kinda gal, so I will have to say - other than my own hometown of Shawville - I really love Tweed, Ontario, and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Spring or Fall? Fall... it's not even a question!

Blossom of Choice? Like the above picture - pink tulips

Style Icon? I love Audrey Hepburn's classic look, but I've also been inspired by a woman I worked with last year.  She was all about scarves, headbands, wide belts, long tunics, and minimal make-up.  She always looked classy.

Cologne? Pretty by Elizabeth Arden

Linens? I am currently loving these microfiber sheets from the Sears catalogue.  The were only twenty bucks, and they're so smooth and cool.

China Patterns? I can't believe this is actually a question.  Do people still pick out china patterns?  I dunno...  I like anything vintage that has those tiny cracks that make it look like it was used and loved.

I'm lusting after... downsizing and using what I already have.  Look out Salvation Army... there's a large deposit going to be made soon!

Most Prized Possession? Oh wow this is tough.  I have so many awesome vintage furniture pieces: the make-up station, the secretary desk, the wash stand I bought in PEI, the writing desk my mom bought me years ago, the wooden chest built by my great-grandfather that I use as a coffee table.  I do love a ring I got from my mom last year at Christmas time.  It was the perfect present and it's something I'll cherish forever.

Girl Crush? Any woman who has made herself known - or unknown - by doing things her way, without compromise.

Boy Crush? I could become a home-wrecker for Mark Harmon.

On Weekends... I leave the city and disappear for a bit.  It's good for the soul.

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