Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh Etsy... I Hear You Calling

I earmarked some funds for Etsy purchases a long time ago, but I finally stopped stalking the shops I love and made a few purchases.  This is the second time I've bought something from Etsy - remember that sapphire ring that was my birthday present to me? - and with the Canadian dollar worth a little more than American, it's a fun time to buy!

First off, I had a hard time narrowing down which products to try from Latherati Soap Foundry.  Her scents are inspired from literature - and how perfect is that for me!  It seems that she is most inspired by Jane Austen, and thankfully so.  I decided to try some of her Fanciful lip balm, whose scent comes from the pages of Northanger Abbey.  Below the lip balm is something new I thought I'd try: solid perfume.  Blossom is reminiscent of Frances Hodgeson Burnett's 'The Secret Garden,' a book I adored as a child.  I know I'm going to be a frequent shopper at this site.  Now if she could just come up with a scent inspired by Emily Dickinson, we'd be on to something!

Below is something I am so glad to have found!  I started collecting these little silhouette pictures this past summer when I bought two from a favourite antique barn.  I found a third a little while later while out with my brother.  Etsy has quite a few of these if you look hard enough - which really was tough - and some are a little pricey, but these I got for a steal and am pretty excited.  The glass is domed - convex-shaped - and easily cracked, which is probably why there aren't that many left around.  These were made in the 1930s, and Victorian themes seem the most prevalent, although I've got a great one of a cowboy. 

Can't wait til all my goodies make their arrival!

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