Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday - What Do You Need To Be Creative?

Image from Posie Gets Cozy

I love checking out pictures of other artists' studios.  I love looking at what they need to be creative.  Take Alicia Paulson, from Posie Gets Cozy.  Her studio is gorgeous, and has been featured in magazines and websites galore.  Things which inspire her float on the walls - even her computer wallpaper is an inspired band she loves.  Every time I check out someone else's place of creativity, it makes me think of what it takes to be creative.  We're all different - we all need different things.

  • Smells: I need to have something simmering in the oil burner.  Sometimes it's rose, but lately it's been lavender.  Lavender and coffee perking in the kitchen are a fantastic mixture of scents.
  • Sounds: There is almost always a soundtrack in the background when I'm at home.  I like the mellower stuff when I'm painting: Vienna Teng, Mazzy Star, The Decemberists, The Avett Brothers, Michelle Featherstone, Rosie Thomas, Iron & Wine, Sara Bareilles...  There are so many great ones and my list is always growing.
  • Sights: I like a lot of natural light, which is pretty tough when you're painting after work, but Saturdays and Sundays can usually fit the bill.
So... what do you need?

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