Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Brick House

I'm moving into a brick house - not like this one - it's actually much nicer and actually lived in.  I do like the look of feral houses, however, I digress.  I was thinking on the way home this evening, as I now have ample time to do so, that I should maybe change the name of my blog.  For a while it has been 'Black, White & Lace' because I was posting old photos and blogging about things from the past.  But that's not really the identity of my blog these days.  I post a lot more about my reading, my painting, my hometown... all things that don't really get reflected in the 'Black, White & Lace' name.  So, I'm thinking there may be some changes a-coming... so stay tuned.  Once I get fully installed in my small town residence, I plan to go a little wild.  As wild as one can in a small, conservative, rural town.


painting classes said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Jen said...

wild and small town, careful...we will talk! ;D

Oh...I just love that home you posted, old , neglected, that's paradise...just gets me itching to fix it up!

Happy move!

Feminist Farmer's Wife said...

i love the overgrown look! hope you settle in to your new spot well. can't wait to see the new blog name.