Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Current guilty pleasure: Easter chocolates

Current colour: Lavender walls in my bedroom - so soft!

Current playlist: A mish-mash of Mumford & Sons and The Decemberists 

Current read: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron; Take the Step by Grace Cirocco

Current drink: coffee as always

Current food: pasta tossed with garlic oil and Parmesan cheese 

Current favorite show: Parenthood

Current wish list: An awesome headboard for my bed

Current needs: Someone to sublet my apartment in the city

Current triumphs: My summer project

Current bane of my existence: outrageous price of gas

Current celebrity crush: I really have to say none.  I'm just not like that these days!

Current indulgence: Pinot Grigio

Current blessing: my new apartment

Current outfit: yoga pants and a tank top - just home from pilates class

Current excitement: my student is back from Passover break, and I'm so excited to go to work tomorrow!

Current mood: tired and a little achy

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