Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Prayer is Enough - But It's Not What God Wants

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Today there was a special assembly at school.  You see, last year, one of the teachers was injured in a catastrophic car accident.  He was paralyzed, and is now confined to a wheelchair.  The special assembly was to welcome him home to the school for the first time since his accident.  This man is a rabbi, and a well-loved teacher.  He wheeled up to the microphone amid thundering applause from the students, and tears from his fellow teachers.  He was humbled.  He had much to tell us.

He told us that every night, his family pray for him.  He said that one day, his child asked him why they pray so many prayers.  If God is so great, shouldn't one prayer be enough?  The father replied, yes, God is great, and one prayer is enough.  But that's not what God wants.  God wants us to always talk with him, build a relationship with him, and speak our troubles to him.  He wants more than just one prayer.

This rabbi was an inspiration to me today.  He had so much to give in so few words.  Few words were all he needed.  His presence was enough.

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Very touching