Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sausage and Pepper Penne

On our last Sibling Revelry tour, my brother and I had dinner at East Side Mario's, and he was brave enough to sample my favourite dinner: sausage and pepper penne.  It's really spicy, and although Will enjoys spicy foods, he's so picky when it comes to everything.  He's never really eaten peppers much before.  But, he did a good job that evening, so we decided to recreate that meal in my own kitchen.  Yes, my first real dinner in my new home.

The best way to go about making the arrabiata sauce is to buy it.  I suggest the Classico brand.  Next, you need hot Italian sausage, boiled and cut into bite sized bits.  I browned the sausage pieces, then added a diced onion and a little drip of water to deglaze the pan.  Then come the chopped peppers - we went with one yellow and one green.  Now we put in lots and lots of garlic cause that's the way we like it.  Once the veggies look cooked, and before the garlic has a chance to get burned, add the jar of sauce and simmer.  Then pour it over some pasta, and shake on some parm... you've got yourself a great dinner!

Will said it was better than East Side.  At least we didn't have a troupe of waiters parading past our table to scream incomprehensible birthday songs to not-really-unsuspecting patrons.  Nope, we dined al fresco until I said it was too cold and we went inside.

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