Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sibling Revelry - Early Spring Edition

My little brother and I spent most of Saturday gallivanting about the country - first to do things he wanted, and last to do a bit of packing at my apartment.  First, we went to one of his favourite shops: Ragtime.  It's a vintage clothing store, and he had been eying up several hats that he thought were pretty cool.  He's kind of an old soul, my brother.  He enjoys things that most kids wouldn't bat an eye at, most adults as well.  He also wanted to check out an antiques shop that's mostly junk but has the odd treasure.  We followed that up with lunch in Hintonburg.  This kid is seriously spoiled.

But, the best part of the day was walking around Bate Island.  You know that little island that supports part of the Champlain Bridge?  It's got lots of parking, and is mostly quiet.  It's great for a few photos and just walking around, enjoying the scenery.

When we finally made it to my place, Will was too pooped to pack, so guess who ended up doing all the work anyways?  I really did plan my day all wrong.  But - it was worth it.

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