Friday, April 22, 2011

A Small Glimpse

My new art area.  Yes, much smaller than what I had, but everything has been downsized, and I'm quite okay with that.  I really did have too much stuff.  Weeding the stuff has allowed me to only have what is absolutely essential, and rethink how to best store what I have to optimize space and creativity.  My mom was in today to help hang some pictures.  I must admit, I have completely lost steam.  All the big things were moved in on Tuesday, and this will be the third night that I've spent in my new home, but I'm feeling overwhelmed at the speed with which everything has taken. 

And yes, I'm still planning on making some changes to the blog, however this entire month has been dedicated to moving, which has meant that my life has been in limbo.  We'll get there... we'll get there.

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