Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday - By Candlelight

Image from Flickr

The power came on about half an hour ago, after being out for about nine hours.  What a crazy windstorm out and about today!  I had the candles burning in every room - not that it's anything new - I usually have candles going and the lights low in the evenings just because that's how I prefer things.  The town was eerily silent, and I walked over to my parents' place in the almost pitch dark.  The oil lamps were glowing in that house.  It was nice to just sit and chat without the buzz of the television, the video games, bustling in the kitchen and all the other endless electric sounds that subtly become the background to life in the modern world - even in a small, rural town.  But now the lights are back on.  I have the music on, can hear the quiet gurgle of the fridge, the loud ticking of the kitchen clock, and shortly I'll slip into the shower.  Those evening hours of dark and quiet will soon become a memory, but they were soothing while here.

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