Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When The Bridge Isn't There

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I'm reading this book titled: Take the Step - The Bridge Will Be There.  What an interesting idea:  just stepping out into the unknown, stepping out into your dreams even if you haven't really planned anything - just doing it.  It's an interesting idea.  Not so interesting in practice.

I moved from the big city into the small town.  It's what I really wanted.  I found a cute, little place that suits my style and budget.  I found a sublet for my city apartment.  I made arrangements to move on.  I took the step.  But the bridge wasn't there.  The sublet fell through.  The rental agency is holding me for another three months rather than letting me leave once my lease is finished in May because I wasn't expressed enough in my desire to leave (side-note: I said I was planning on leaving in February and was getting a sublet for the apartment.  When the sublet fell through, to them, it meant that I had to repeat the whole process over again, but starting from April instead of February, meaning I'd owe them another three months... if you don't understand, don't worry... neither do I or anyone else I know.  It's a classy clusterfuck).

So what happens when the bridge isn't there?  We fall.  We gracelessly land on our arses.  Fortunately, someone I met who was working on her Ph.D in psychology, has this to say: resilience is, in fact, the norm.  People think that the quality of resilience is rare, but it is something we all fearlessly possess and use, most often without even knowing.   We just move along - we might not know how until we look back and notice that the imprint our butts made on the ground is well behind us.  And so will I.  Somehow.

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