Saturday, May 14, 2011

Afterimage by Helen Humphreys

This is the second novel by Canadian, Helen Humphreys, that I have read.  I really enjoyed her novel called "The Lost Garden," and similarly, this novel is set in England.  This novel has a lot to offer.  The main character - Annie Phelan - a maid of Irish origin, comes to live with and work for the Dashell's.  Annie believes that she is going to be doing mostly housework, and indeed she does, but the lady of the house is an aspiring photographer, and Annie, with her tortured, innocent soul, becomes her primary model.  There are so many layers to this novel - I cannot help but love it.  Humphreys creates intense relationships between Annie and all the characters she encounters, giving the novel tremendous breadth, and thus making it a short but sophisticated read.  

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