Monday, May 23, 2011

Painting in Progress - Smoky Evening Day One

My next major project is laid out on my table - a gorgeous drop leaf table lent to me by my awesome land lord - and surprise, surprise... it's a girl in a field.  Why mess with a good thing?  I decided to do the first sketch like this because I'm using two canvases.  I usually sketch with the canvas on the easel, but because this is a bit of a bigger project, I want to really do my best.  This one is for me.  Well, I say that now, but if someone were to want it, I'm sure I could give it up.  I really haven't done anything for my bedroom yet, so I'm hoping this will turn out.  It's going to be the right colours for sure - lavender and yellow!

Oh, and you'll notice some old pieces in the background: a charcoal sketch of a bird in a tree, a pencil sketch of two children walking on a beach, and my latest pastel.  The more I look at that pastel painting, the more I really like what I did with the water.

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Lady Grey said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL! Your blog is lovely : )