Saturday, May 7, 2011

Painting in Progress - Walking in Water Phase Two

This is where I'm at - I'm taking a brain break - but I'm going to go back at it.  I call this the end of phase two.  First I sketched, then I laid down the base colours, and now I'm going to return and sharpen everything.  This is my getting into my favourite part.  I'm probably not going to touch the sky now, I'm pleased with the plainness.  I just need to start layering the water colours.  

As I'm painting this evening, I'm listening to a play list of Avett Bros and Mumford and Sons.  It's a lot of male singers.  You'd think, judging the subject matter of my painting, I'd be listening to my standard mix of Sara Bareilles, Vienna Teng, Kathleen Edwards, et al.  

Anyways, off to get something to sip on, stare a bit more at the painting to get a feel for what it wants next, and then get cracking.  I'd love to be able to finish this tonight and snap up a frame for tomorrow.  My bedroom walls are really, really bare!

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