Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday - A Few Days Late

Photo taken by me, Spring 2009, Beach Grove, QC

I have the most beautiful drive to and from work now.  I'm not sure if I'll still be so Zen about it come wintertime, but I'm sure going to try.  I mean, just look at that vista.  I get to drive by that regularly.  Isn't it inspiring?  When you see something like that in the morning, doesn't it make you want to live the day to its fullest potential?  When you see that in the afternoon, aren't you thankful that you've made it through another day to see some of God's artistry?  Someone asked me how I was enjoying my hour long commute into the city, and then hour long commute home, and I said so far I was really enjoying it.  It gives me the time to plan out my day in the morning, and time to unwind to good music in the late afternoon.

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