Sunday, May 1, 2011

There's Something in a Sunday

Image from Flickr

I typed 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' into the Flickr search engine, and this was on the first page.  What an amazing composition.  There is something that I love about silhouettes against an impossible sky.  It looks unreal - it is so breathtaking that it can't be something cooked up in nature, but there it is, the paintbrush of God.

This weekend wasn't quite the restful but productive time that I had planned.  I had a to-do list in the back of my day planner and maybe two items got checked off.  Not productive at all.  But productive in whose eyes?  Instead, I dedicated my weekend to the service of two people who really needed it.  I rested and joked with them.  I helped to cook a dinner that was enjoyed by many.  I made a quick trip back into the city to take someone to an appointment.  My weekend was in fact restful and productive, but not at all in the way I had planned.  

And all of these events were well to reinforce the sermon our priest delivered about 'Doubting Thomas.'  It's the story of grace meeting reality.  It is literally what we deal with every single day, but often doubt what we see.  Yes, there's something in a Sunday that prepares you for the week ahead.

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