Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bedroom Storage Inspirations

I was just reading on {this is glamorous} how wooden drawer organizers can be beautifully used, and that reminded me that I have a great, and stylish, way to organize some jewelry on my vanity.

I use old teacups in one of my drawers to separate long necklaces.  The rounded form of the teacup keeps them wrapped nicely and surprisingly without tangles.  On the dresser top, I use the saucers to hold my vintage brooches that I just love.  You can tell I have a bit of a cameo obsession.  

The idea for using teacups came about a while ago.  I have these lovely teacups, but I didn't want to see them sitting in a cabinet collecting dust.  They still get dusty from time to time, but they look so much more lovely, and I can actually appreciate them oh so much more.

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