Friday, June 17, 2011

Five Foto Friday

It was really tough to pick only five photos for today's post.  I've been clicking through pictures most evenings this week - mostly getting ideas for the sky in the painting I'm working on - and stumbling across some beautiful photos.  Indeed, I've found a few new favourite photographers!  The picture with the elephant is the one that really caught me this week.  The elephant is a resident at a sanctuary in Thailand, and she looks on as her wrangler cuddles his young son.  The notes on the photo say that her calf had recently been killed by lightning.  I find the look in her eyes as she watches the young boy just heartbreaking.  

Image by Traer Scott

Image by .an

Image by kanelongden

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Feminist Farmer's Wife said...

that elephant expression is really touching. But the woman on the bicycle and the one in the water makes me want to go on a journey through those fields and down that creek! happy painting.