Saturday, June 11, 2011

So Much For Slow

For some reason, when I moved back to my small town, I figured life would slow down too.  I mean, when you think "city," you think walking around catching the sites, eating and drinking on restaurant patios, movie theatres, galleries and museums, endless things to do.  It seems that since moving home, my calendar has grown exponentially, and this weekend has been the busiest so far and it's not even over.

My little brother is in Saskatoon for the week on a school exchange, so my parents have chosen this as the week to remodel his bedroom.  Not too many homes can boast bones like these anymore.  Much of the plaster had been cracking, and the ceiling as well, so the outside wall has been torn away.  And surprise, surprise, there has never been insulation on the outside wall.  No wonder this bedroom - which was mine once upon a time - has a climate all to itself.

Now this is something I didn't know.  Apparently the original builders mixed horse hair into the plaster.  I think that is just unbelievably cool.  Little sprigs of it are sticking up everywhere between the slats, a myriad of colours, pieces of horses that have been gone for almost a century preserved in the walls of my parents' home.

This afternoon, my grandmother and I took a tour to our artist friend's home, which is being featured in this year's Pontiac Studio Tour.  Her home is the most beautiful place, and her paintings were displayed so nicely throughout.  I really love how she paints the edges of her canvases.  I've never thought to do that, but it really completes the painting without a bulky frame.  Everything is gorgeous!  She also has a great blog here.

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