Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Meditations: Upon Randomness

My grandmother's basket of soft pink geraniums really are the most lovely.

The cot that is being turned into a lovely lounge chair on my balcony is the most comfortable - and is going to be the best reading nook in the whole apartment - and I will admit that it is thanks the the smart thinking of my little brother.

Sometimes you have to just start a painting to find the time to do it.

Setting a timer for fifteen minutes and doing a quick tidy-up every evening is the smartest idea I've read on my many blog travels.

It is scary what some women consider to be love: a diamond ring / a bruised ring around the eye.  Can one make up for the other?  It is scary that some women consider this acceptable.  At least they won't be my neighbours for much longer.

Despite saying how much quieter it was, I'm really glad that my brother is home from his week away on exchange in Saskatoon.

Did I mention my awesome balcony?

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