Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Look out world... I made another batch of jam.  This time, however, I was totally on my own.

I made some really awesome strawberry jam earlier in the month - which received a lot of rave reviews if I do say so - and I wanted to keep up this wave of domesticity.  I picked up a 3L basket of blueberries at a local farm, and have just enough fresh ones left over to snack on this evening while I read on the balcony.

Did I mention that I'm on vacation???

Now that it's all said and done, I have 10 little jars and three larger ones.  If I want to take some jam to the fair, they have to be exhibited in 8oz jars only, so I've got to be pretty specific.  It also wasn't as lengthy a process as making strawberry jam.  Just took about 45 mins from start to finish.  And there is nothing special in the jam other than a good dose of fresh lemon juice.  I was thinking of going a little herbal like what I did with the strawberries, but then figured I should stick to the tried and true.

Yummy blueberry-ness!

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Feminist Farmer's Wife said...

sounds scrumptious! enjoy your vacation melissa.