Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Meditations: Upon Voices

Image by nikolinelr

This evening I read another thought provoking blog post by Leo Babauta on his prolific blog: Zen Habits.  He has made himself a household name by writing about how he has simplified his life - and leads his readers on a quest to do so following his example.  Tonight's post was about finding one's voice - although not necessarily the spoken voice.  It was more about letting your voice be heard through the written word.  He wrote that the foremost purpose of having a voice and being able to write with it, is being able to use it.  Babauta has used his voice to help his myriads of readers simplify their lives.  

I'm not sure what I want my voice to be used for in this forum.  I like to change it daily - Mondays is for music, etc.  I started blogging several years ago because I enjoyed reading blogs.  But I think that it has now become more than just a little hobby to keep my busy in the evenings.  It has really become part of me: I am a blogger.  With that there is a certain responsibility that I hadn't pondered before:  what do I want to use my voice for?

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