Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Write Better Than I Think

Image by Sassy Shots

Do you ever wish you could say exactly the right thing at exactly the right moment?  I always do because it never happens.  I'm not a great thinker-on-my-feet.  Usually I have to take it home, mull it over, ruminate for a few days, and then I'll come up with something so witty in the play-back that happens in my brain.  And all of that usually happens after I've put pen to paper and come up with something.  It seems that I write better than I think.  Sometimes my brain functioning isn't fully turned on until there are keys in front of me or a pen in my hand.  It's as though my fingers know that something is stupid and can so eloquently and rhetorically cut it down to size before my brain can even begin spelling the word stupid.  This isn't a great quality for a lot of things... but it's great for keeping a blog  ;)


Feminist Farmer's Wife said...

Its good not to underestimate the power of 'knowing' that those little fingers have! I have learned that I can find out answers to many questions by writing it all out...CRAZY PERSON I KNOW! But it works. That voice in my fingers is a smart cookie.

Karen said...

This posting was so thought, and memory, provoking!
I know EXACTLY of that you write. I've never been known to be a very good conversationalist, but my many snail mail pals LOVE LOVE LOVE to read the latest dispatches from Bearden Farm. An Elderly aunt used to say my brain/mouth/writing hand all worked at different speeds.
I write in the manner I wish I could speak. Does that make sense?

Jen said...

I hear yah! Sometimes I'm pretty sure I come off as a complete social retard, but if I take time to compose my thoughts and write I generally do okay! By the way, on reference to great writing skills great e-mail last evening!!! ;D

Melissa said...

Well, this post came out of thinking about my writing skills after I sent off that email. It took some great thought - and a few days of great thought - and that's what prompted the post!