Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nightmare on Main Street

This evening, my brother decided he'd join me for the evening milking just to watch how things go, and then spend the night at my place.  When we got home, I went straight to the shower, and as I'm just about to step my self into the spray to remove Eau de Moo-Cow, Will knocks on the door to let me know there is a bat in my bedroom.  In total disbelief, I said alright and went ahead and showered.

But once I got out, things got a little hairy.  Will decided to call our parents as my step-father has had first-hand experience removing bats from bedrooms.  I kept saying that I was just going to leave it - I mean, bats don't go after people, and he'd probably just fly out later in the night.  But, William getting the jitters decided that he should go home.  So Vaughan, the bat-removing-expert hopped in his truck with his bat-removing equipment and came to the rescue.

Somehow, when Vaughan took the broom to sweep it off the wall, it decided to fly into my jewelry basket.  I was holding a blanket up against the doorway to my bedroom - wishing like hell I had a real door there - and all I could hear were these awful screeches, and Vaughan saying: "hmm, that's a real healthy one."

Within 5 minutes, the bat was extricated from my jewelry box out on the balcony, and I'm happy to report that no guano was excreted upon my vintage necklaces.  William also left, and I have rescinded all open invitations.  I mean he was going to leave me all alone at the Bat House!


Karen said...

I am so happy to hear a healthy bat story. We live on a farm south west of Pembroke. This summer we haven't seen a single bat flying around. Very distressing that is.

Melissa said...

I had noticed this year a decrease in bats as well. My parents have a large garage behind their house, and there are usually a few flying out at night, but it has been very quiet. This is the first bat in my apartment, but I have seen a few flying out and about at dusk.