Friday, September 30, 2011

A Bouquet Garni of Love

Today my mother and I pulled out what was left of our summer garden.  It was the first time we gardened on a larger scale than just a small patch near the house.  We had enormous zucchini plants that were surprisingly easy to pull out - I thought they'd have roots to China.  And we uncovered several zucchini's that had been left to grow unhindered: they look like military experiments gone awry.    

I took garden shears and lopped off the herbs that Mom had been growing and tied them up to dry in my grandmother's basement.  I hadn't done something like that since I was in high school and loved to grow my own herbs.  The smells were lovingly familiar.  

Today has been one of those perfect days.  It was just my mother, grandmother, and I at lunch today.  It was a simple pastrami sandwich with some olives on the side, but the conversation was lovely.  I love having the opportunities to spend time with them both, and be able to learn and share.

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