Saturday, September 10, 2011

From Where I Write

The place from which I have written this blog has taken on a great many incarnations over the years.  I'm slowly coming up to 1000 posts since I began in 2007 (I think), and I've been thinking about the places from where I've posted.  

First it was a dingy basement apartment in a dingy neighbourhood, but that space had a great kitchen, and I've never had one as fantastic since.  Some great banana bread came out of that place.  And cookies.  And brownies... the list goes on.  But the place was never inspiring, the light was always fleeting, and writing was immature.

I've posted from my parents' home - and still occasionally do depending on the pictures I'm using.  But that's a dark and dingy basement and sometimes typing in that place gives me PTSD.

I've posted from a second floor little apartment with a balcony that was still in a dingy neighbourhood, but at least it had better light and better inspiration.  I grew vegetables on the balcony, I began painting, and I began to grow up.  For reals.

I've posted while on the road.  That was fun.  Seeing the landscape change the further east I drove was amazing, and being able to share it along the way was a great moment.

And now here I am.  A woman with a small-town heart is finally blogging from a small-town.  The lighting flows through the big windows, the big balcony is great for painting - as is the rest of the house - and it's close to everything I love.  I think I have finally found my inspired space.

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