Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Preaching to the Choir

Image by Threadweavle

So I'm part of a group that is working on a major campaign to raise funds at our church, and indeed the wider diocese, which encompasses all the churches of our denomination in our area.  That's a lot of churches, my friends, because I live close to Ottawa.  Anyways, it's been an eye opening experience.  I've been scared.  I've had questions.  I've had answers both satisfactory and not.  I've had to question my own dedication to my church and faith. 

But, a minister that we had once said that the opposite of faith isn't doubt.  Doubts are a natural part faith.  It is completely okay for me to feel doubtful about meeting the goals of this really daunting campaign, and that through doubting we strengthen our faith.  The opposite of faith, dear readers, is fear.  Fear can kill faith with just a glance.  And the best way to keep faithful is by moving past fear.  So, I'm going to try.

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