Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sassy Saturday: I Wish I Could Make it Look This Good

I always have great intentions, it's my follow-through that is kinda lacking sometimes.  And it always happens when an unexpected guest shows up and is there to catch you in the middle of an unkempt house.  But this time it was the minister.  Yikes!  

And I could not have been in a more un-Christian-like state: tv blaring some shoot-em-up show that I secretly love (Nikita), dirty clothes slung over chairs, bra hanging from bathroom door knob, dirty dishes in the sink... oh the list goes on.

So this evening I spent some time putting things to rights.  I did the dishes to the sounds of Iron & Wine on the playlist, tucked away laundry in my bedroom while the air purifier whirred noisily, and all this while another episode of that awesome girl-power show downloaded so I could watch it when done.  

Some days I wish I could be one of those awesome ladies from the '50s where house cleaning comes just naturally, but then again, I'm glad I'm not.  I could never do all that with full make-up and heels.  I'd sweat my face off and break a leg.  And in the end, what the minister noted in my home were the sketches on my wall and the ongoing pastel painting on my easel.  

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