Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Meditations: Upon a Sleepy Country Lullaby

Lately I've been on a mission to photograph farms in silhouette, at sunset, in the area.  It has been an exercise in appreciation on many different levels.  First, the colour of the rural scenes I'm viewing are a strange mixture of intense but calming colours.  The dark, velvety blue coming down to meet the electrified orange of the horizon is almost mystical - blue can't possibly fade into orange - but everything becomes possible in the heavens.

Second, I have come to appreciate even further the buildings and people who have stood the test of time in this land.  So many of the places I've photographed have been operating by someone's hand long before I drew breath - or even my mother, perhaps - I must appreciate the longevity of the foundations of these places.  In the photos, they are just black outlines against an impossibly vibrant sky.  But the real jewel of the photos is what is inside the silhouette - what we don't get to see.

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