Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Artful Wednesday: The Grand Dame Herself

The Grand Dame, of course, is none other than Mary Cassatt.  American born, she moved to France and exhibited with the renowned Impressionists in the heart of their movement.  She is best known for her tender women and children - the domestic life. 

I studied one of her paintings for my fledgling pastel attempt, so I thought she would be the perfect subject for this week.  I especially love the study below of the woman with blue gloves.  What I love about Cassatt's work, and indeed the entire Impressionist movement, is the brushwork.  It's not DaVinci perfection.  But it's still so natural and perfect in its way. 

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Karen said...

Her studies of Mommies and their little Ones are favorites of my daughter. She has prints all over her bedroom and the kids rooms.