Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mama Gets Cat

Today we were gadding about the town, going to pet shops trying to track down some elusive filter for the fish tank at home.  The first stop me made didn't have one, and I don't think the second stop did either, but it had something else instead.

My mom has always said that someday she wants a peachy-apricot coloured cat that's just for her.  She likes cats - well, animals in general - and most of our four-legged animals that start off as hers slowly migrate to my grandmother's house and ownership magically gets transferred.  

When we were in the shop today, she spied it, and was so reluctant to even pick it up.  But after some coaxing, she cuddled the kitten and then gently put him back.  She turned him down.  After lunch, however, she was singing a different story.  "Rudy" now has a home.

Isn't he precious!

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