Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mother and Child

I puttered away this afternoon at a project I started in early August and finally finished it!  I took a course on pastel painting at the Pontiac School of the Arts (I highly recommend their courses), and we all had to make a copy of a pastel painting found in a magazine.  I very ambitiously chose Mary Cassatt's "Mother and Child" and it took forever to get to painting sketched out.  It ended up being better to chose a harder subject because the instructor was able to give me figure drawing techniques as well.  

I think I'm pleased with the outcome.  When I first came home with it, I was feeling rather dejected and unimpressed, but I think I tackled it well today.  My grandmother dug out a frame from her basement - a beautiful wooden one that her father made her about 70 years ago.  It had this lovely picture of a collie dog that she said came from a calendar.  I'm honoured that she let me use it!  She was glad to be able to give it new life!  Now I just need to find a place for it!


Jen said...

Looks the highlights, you should be very you think you've found a favourite medium?

Melissa said...

Absolutely! Love pastel!