Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh My God... It's a Tally-Whacker!

Let it be known that I'm a very reserved woman - and some would say borderline prude - but I definitely broke that mold today!  I spent the day in a life drawing course offered by the Pontiac School of the Arts.

When I took the pastel course back in August, the instructor suggested that I also take an upcoming drawing workshop.  It was originally a three-day event, but because of some organizational glitches, it was pared down to one.  I still took away so much from the course.  

I think what I learned most was abandon.  I know that seems like an absurd thing to learn, but sometimes we get so wound up over ourselves that we don't just let loose and go with the flow.  When I looked around at the class to see if anyone else was flustered over the naked man before us, and everyone else was engaged in their own drawings, so I had to abandon my hang-ups and move along too.

Who would have thought that the most important thing I'd learn at a drawing class wouldn't be drawing?


Jen said...

you survived...good job! I wondered if it wouldn't really be a real life drawing session and maybe you were in for a new experience!

Su said...