Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sassy Saturday: Art on the Ridge

Arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the Ottawa Valley is Lavender Ridge Farm.  It's a lavender farm and vineyard, and it has been featured in local media such as CJOH's Regional Contact, and also their noon-time news programme.  The farm sells bath and body products made from their lavender crop, and have recently planted their vineyard, although the benefits of that crop won't be see for a little while yet.

This year, the farm hosted a fantastic event called Art on the Ridge, featuring local artisans showcasing their wares.  Below, my family are chatting with Gayle Graham of Willow Lane Alpacas.  Their products are amazing - I can't even begin to describe how soft the socks are.  And the teddy bears... beautiful!

The background for the event couldn't have been scripted better.  Even though the weather was very, very blustery, the hills were so dramatic with colour, and everyone was in good spirits.  There were people all about and non-stop cars stopping by.  It's a great thing for local businesses to have such great support!

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Karen said...

this place is on our list of destinations!